Next Steps: We are getting slightly improved results on our other network, so if you have trouble posting, please click here and we will transfer you over.

Request to be transferred

BUFFERGRAM was our first product, but it quickly evolved into another service called BUSY. We kept BUFFERGRAM around for all those who had a good experience on it, but dedicated most feature-development and planning to BUSY.

With Instagram's recent issues, we have seen varying success on BUFFERGRAM and BUSY, some accounts work here, but not there, and vice-versa. If you are experiencing issues (you can simply not post at all), please tap the button below and we will initiate the transfer, this may help solve the problem.

This takes 24 hours or less to complete, you'll see a message here when completed.

Most importantly: all your content, subscription, etc. will be transferred as-is.

Same pricing, all drafts, scheduled posts... everything is the same. The only thing that will change is the place where you log in, a much improved UI, and the network where your posts go out from. That's it!

If you do have questions, please e-mail: