How it works

You might have noticed that there are not many Instagram publishing tools out there. This is unfortunate, especially for professionals, companies and brands using Instagram to power their marketing efforts. An expensive phone is required to post photos, a lot of manual work is involved—absolutely nothing can be planned or scheduled in advance.

Understand how our service works

Instagram does not allow third-parties to upload to their network. Only the official Instagram app can be used for that purpose. Frankly, this is a dead-end, and there are no exceptions—not even for Hootsuite. Unless you can find an approach that uses the official app, that is.

We have figured out a way

Our approach is quite simple (but also very hardware-intense and costly on our end). Unlike others, we are not using or abusing any backdoors or other hacks. We are using the official Instagram application, just like you would. We use real phones that are completely cleaned for your account, ready to post on your behalf. Instead of a social media intern at your company, you can now use our computers who simulate human interaction, using the Instagram app—uploading photos just as you yourself would—except more securely, and for a lot less money. Keep in mind: we are not here to automatically populate your account, all we do is allow you schedule your content to be published at any time you like, without having to be around for it in person.

If you have questions, please ask: